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Craft info
Manufacture 385 (385) Production 355 (355)
Type Settlement Tech level 12 (12)
Total Cost 57,779,282 Ship equip No
Schematic XP 25,000 Total XP 1,291,000
Total Cost / Total XP 44
Store Alien Justice League (x31)
All resources
NameQuantityTotal Price
Agro Grow9,440840,160
Alien Detection Grid300100,200
Alien Engineering Systems464208,336
Alien Manufacturing Block1,344188,160
Alien Plasglass84095,760
Alien Repair Tool28060,760
Alien Security System680223,040
Alucite Ore37,1462,080,176
Argonight Ore85693,304
Commercial Technology5,6964,038,464
Copper Ore57,2882,635,248
Data Cube Military3281,584,240
Dylithium Gas2,2803,128,160
Eden Alligator624221,520
Electronic Components13,0872,983,836
Exotic Osmite2,080378,560
Inert Gas64,4562,449,328
Iron Ore70,8282,124,840
Radioactive Bariium96093,120
Randium Gas56,9664,614,246
Reactive Gas28,6081,659,264
Refined Ore35,2048,906,612
Tessarine Ore1,0881,131,520
Traylon Gas33,1881,360,708
Treated Ore9,3281,035,408
Unstable Infernanium1,760381,920
Xerinium Ore64,0164,225,056
Schematic resources
NameQuantityTotal Price
Alucite Ore4,230236,880
Copper Ore18,880868,480
Electronic Components2,955673,740
All components
NameQuantityTotal Price
AI Vector45,358,056
Affiliation Spooler81,125,960
Alarm Systems87,986,240
Anomaly Scanner162,841,952
Auto Booter8983,368
Bio Disflagor81,401,000
CCT Network218,522,348
Central Quarters44,106,632
Charging Bay82,303,512
Checklist Filter162,710,336
Civilian Bunkers162,885,280
Communication Set8897,952
Defence Sub226,392,620
External Blanket88,191,592
Identification Module44,060,752
Internal Blanket129,295,836
Long Range Monitor29,411,638
Military Deployer164,337,120
Patrol Co-ordinator210,196,184
Power Divertor162,687,136
Public Filter242,159,352
Restricted Filter242,759,904
Security Sub229,336,202
Sentient Cell162,102,608
Shield Configurer85,888,576
Short Range Monitor415,711,376
Stun Control161,976,080
Threat Evaluator8992,704
Uniformity Controller B161,703,744
Schematic components
NameQuantityTotal Price
Defence Sub226,392,620
Security Sub229,336,202
Used in directly
Expanse Settlement All 
Used in schematics
Expanse Settlement All 
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Expanse Settlement Hub Part 6 (x1)
Defence Sub (x2)Security Sub (x2)
Long Range Monitor (x2)Short Range Monitor (x4)CCT Network (x2)Patrol Co-ordinator (x2)
Identification Module (x4)Categoriser (x4)Shield Configurer (x8)Alarm Systems (x8)Internal Blanket (x12)External Blanket (x8)AI Vector (x4)Central Quarters (x4)
Affiliation Spooler (x8)Auto Booter (x8)Threat Evaluator (x8)Communication Set (x8)Power Divertor (x16)Uniformity Controller B (x16)Military Deployer (x16)Civilian Bunkers (x16)Restricted Filter (x24)Public Filter (x24)Anomaly Scanner (x16)Checklist Filter (x16)Stun Control (x16)Charging Bay (x8)Sentient Cell (x16)Bio Disflagor (x8)