NPC Tracker

by ThaiLe


This is a (desktop) program that contains most (if not all) NPC missions in CE.

It shows the missions and their rewards, and allows you to track your progress by marking missions as Complete.

It also contains info about non-mission NPC like Katie Newton for CertificatePoints-to-IP trading.


It is a Java program, you will need to have it installed.

If, after clicking the link, you see just garbled text, return here instead, and right-click the link, then select Save Link Location/Destination As. It should offer you to save a file named

Extract the file into a new folder then start NPCTracker2_5.jar.

Version 2.5 HERE.


I did NOT create or contribute to this program. I also do not know who did, and since it still shows implant rewards i guess the author might not be maintaining it anymore.

I decided to host it here to make it available to the public, as i think the Tracker is a very helpful tool.

UPDATE:The player ThaiLe is most probably the tracker's author. Will keep hosting it here as it is distributed in CE chat already, but will of course stop in case it was meant as a guild-only hoarded project noone else should benefit from :D. Sending a (hopefuly persistent) PM to ThaiLe right now.